Beam Change is fully integrated with PeopleSoft’s infrastructure to enable organizations to achieve consistent and business-driven Change, Configuration and Release Management.  In addition, BEAM Change provides the unique ability to compare both PeopleSoft Objects and Application Data.

PeopleSoft customers deal with a constant change, from upgrades and patches to tax updates and government regulations and customizations. Each change or change project kicks off a series of tasks for PeopleSoft teams, which are usually performed manually. Change control is the most critical process in the PeopleSoft Application Lifecycle.

Change Management Automation

BEAM Change automates change control activities within the PeopleSoft Application Lifecycle, including migration workflows, impact analysis, database object and file migration, approvals, versioning, restore and auditing.

Migration Workflow Management

BEAM Change lets you define and enforce customized workflows, approvals and separation of duties for each type of PeopleSoft change (i.e. upgrade, patch, tax update) through an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Object and Data Compares

Many failed tests are the result of differences that inevitably develop between PeopleSoft environments (production, test, development, training, etc) .  Identifying the cause of these discrepancies can be challenging and time-consuming.

BEAM Change provides Compare functionality  by identifying the differences in a common table(s) between two environments, allowing you to evaluate both data and objects to ensure consistency across environments.

Beacon’s Application Management Solution

BEAM Change, when combined with BEAM TEST, Beacon’s other application management component, can provide a complete solution for automating your PeopleSoft Application Lifecycle.

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