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 Application Test Automation


Automate Application Testing—On Premise and/or Cloud ERP 

Supports PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud and other SaaS enterprise applications

  • Playback and record
  • Multi browser support

Create and Run Automated Application Tests

  • BEAM Test allows users and business analysts to create and maintain test scripts and scenarios. 
  • BEAM Test works with PeopleSoft and  SaaS (Fusion) applications.
  • BEAM Test accepts new test data without any script maintenance.
  • Test Order allows for easy drag-and-drop test script sequencing.


PeopleSoft Automated Testing


Oracle Cloud Automated Testing


And, as part of BEAM Test:

Create and Monitor Automated Application Test Plans

  • BEAM Test Manager creates and stores multiple test project plans.
  • BEAM Test Manager dashboard presents up-to-the-minute status.
  • BEAM Test Manager stores all test results, defects, and re-assignments.
  • Schedule, assign, and review resources within plan





Process Automatic Data Loads and Mass Maintenance

  • BEAM Test loads transactions using normal application edits and security.
  • Mass Maintenance for groups of records— whether employees students, or POs.
  • Test script(s) replicate transactions; data sheets handle data scenarios.  


Automate User and Testing Documentation Creation

  • Run BEAM Test to automatically generate Business Process Documentation (BPD).
  • BPD runs existing scripts in documentation mode, copying each step and entry.
  • BPD produces Word document files, adds highlights and accepts edits.
  • Automatic generation for audit, test and script documentation.


Automated Testing Tool for Oracle PeopleSoft and  SaaS  Applications





Customers Say:

"BEAM Test gives us complete test automation for Campus, HCM, and Financials. We reduced our time 70-80% and we test much more than we did manually."

-Mark Madsen, Brigham Young University

"BEAM Test is the only tool that really works for PeopleSoft testing."

-Jeffery Hinz, Wipro Consulting

"We've always been very happy with BEAM. It's nice to see a good product made better with this new release."

-Visha Gala, Quad Graphics