Enterprise Application Automation

Automate Application Tasks—Oracle SaaS and PeopleSoftEnterprise


Automate Application Interfaces or Conversions with Common Interface Processor (CIP)

Create and Run Automated Application Tests with BEAM Test

Create and Monitor Automated Application Test Plans 

Tools Built for PeopleSoft and Oracle SaaS Fusion Enterprise Applications


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    BEAM Test

    • Create and Run Automated Application Tests.
    • Process Automatic Data Loads and Mass Maintenance.
    • Automate User and Testing Documentation Creation.



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    Test Plan Manager

    • BEAM Test Manager creates and stores multiple test project plans.
    • Schedule, assign, and review resources within plan.
    • Stores all test results, defects, and re-assignments; status tracking.



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    • Application Engine program to process inbound and outbound data interfaces. Set processing for performance.
    • Extract data from internal or external sources, transform it, and load it into new targets.
    • Quickly convert PeopleSoft or EBS tables and data to Oracle Cloud ERP.

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