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BEAM Change

Application Change Management Software for PeopleSoft



Task Automation for PeopleSoft Applications

BEAM software automates repetitive PeopleSoft tasks. PeopleSoft task automation brings time and costs savings. Automation also standardizes and co-ordinates tasks, while providing control, audit trails, and logs of all activities.  

BEAM Change focuses on automation of the IT tasks of PeopleSoft updates and migrations.  BEAM Change adds a module to compare data and data structure between environments.

BEAM Test focuses on the automation of repetitive user application tasks, including automated testing, mass maintenance, and the planning, management, and coordination of these tasks across the enterprise. 

BEAM Change automates application change control activities for PeopleSoft, including migration workflows, impact analysis, database object and file migration, approvals, versioning, restore and auditing.

Oracle Validated Application.gifSummary of BEAM Change Features

  • Compliance
    o Separation of duties
    o Process standardization
    o Approvals
    o Audit trail
    o Object locking
  • Migration Workflows
    o Multiple, customized, reusable migration templates
    o Integrated approvals, manual steps, notifications
    o Automatic object configuration
    o Automatic snapshots
    o Object lists by step
    o Object control by step
  • Integration
    o Integration with automated testing (BEAM Test)
    o PeopleTools integration
    o Metadata integration
    o LDAP security
  • Version Control
    o Snapshots
    o Metadata object and file synchronization
    o Restore
  • Reporting and Audit
    o Service requests/ticket management
    o Audit reports
    o All data and logs stored in PeopleSoft database for access and reporting
  • Object Locking
    o Workflow based locking
    o PeopleSoft lock support
    o Lock enforcement
  • Project Management
    o Task lists
    o Time tracking

Beginning with Release 5.2 BEAM Change also includes BEAM Compare functionality. Jobs to compare data, data structures, PeopleCode and SQL Objects - between environments -are delivered with BEAM Change

BEAM Change is compatible with all Oracle supported PeopleSoft 8.x and 9.x application releases, on PeopleTools 8.4x and 8.5x. The current release of BEAM Change, Release 5.3, supports PeopleTools through version 8.56. BEAM Change is compatible with all PeopleSoft supported DBMS platforms and operating systems.


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