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BEAM Test 6.1 Videos

Videos for Prospects and Customers

Installing BEAM Test

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Video covers the installation of BEAM Test, and steps to validate the installation. 11 Minutes.


BEAM Test: Oracle Cloud Overview

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Video overview of BEAM Test and Oracle SaaS  ERP applications.  9 Minutes



Connecting to Applications, Switching Environments

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Video shows how to connect to applications, instances, and how to switch between environments. BEAM Test connects to your application(s) via their URLs. 2 Minutes.


BEAM Test: PeopleSoft Financials Overview

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Video overview of BEAM Test with PeopleSoft Financials 9.2.             23 Minutes.


BEAM Test: Script Creation

Part 1

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How to create a Test Script. Scripts are stored in BEAM Test, and scripts can be run or recorded in any defined environment.  4 minutes.

BEAM Test: PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM Overview

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Video overview of BEAM Test with PeopleSoft HCM 9.2.  13 minutes.


BEAM Test Data Files

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BEAM Test Scripts access test data through the Data File. Data Files can be easily updated without any maintenance to the test script. 11 Minutes.

BEAN Test: Test Results

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Each line in a Data File is run through the script to test. Test results show tests processed, pass/fail status, and identifies any problems encountered while running the script, including the location of the issue in the script. Test results are posted to BEAM Test Manager

BEAM Test Business Process Documentation

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Run any script in BPD mode, and BEAM Test will produce documentation (Word format), capturing a screen shot of each step, with highlighted action.