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Beacon CIP

Common Integration Processor

Two-Way PeopleSoft Application Integration 


1. Convert PeopleSoft History


Accept PeopleSoft data base tables, views, or flat files, Transform (Map) data, Load:

  • Convert PeopleSoft history to Oracle ERP or HCM format
  • Transform PeopleSoft tables, views, files. Transform, Load into Oracle cloud applications
  • App Engine program for high volume and set processing






 Convert PeopleSoft History - Works with All PeopleSoft Applications


2. Manage PeopleSoft Interfaces and Integrations

DB-database-iconflat file   RArrowBeaconCIPboxRArrowgraphic_PeopleSoft_database_comprised_of_distinct_yet_integrated_layers_including_system_tables_PeopleTools_


Accept external data base or files, Transform, Load into PeopleSoft: 

  • CIP accepts flat files or Extracts (DB Links or Linked Server), Transform data, Loads PeopleSoft
  • Used by Beacon customers to standardize, control and manage all PeopleSoft interfaces
  • User defined mapping rules, using PeopleSoft pages


3. Manage Hybrid PeopleSoft and Cloud

graphic_PeopleSoft_database_comprised_of_distinct_yet_integrated_layers_including_system_tables_PeopleTools_RLArrow BeaconCIPboxRLArrowOracle_PSFTCloud

Process tables or files, with Transformation, to and from PeopleSoft

  • PeopleSoft tools based integration to or from PeopleSoft and cloud-based applications
  • Pre-mapped solution for Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM
  • Oracle database or SQL Server support for PeopleSoft



Goals for Beacon Common Integration Processor

  1. Facilitate the efficient processing of large data volumes for integrations and conversions.
  2. Define data transformation and processing logic using rules to promote re-use across integrations and files.
  3. Reduce time to delivery by writing the common "plumbing" for integrations and conversions once, and then focusing on client specific requirements.
  4. Provide a familiar interface (PeopleSoft) for end users to maintain mapping logic.
  5. Automate the generation of control totals, row counts, error processing and auditing of data transformation processing.
  6. Single tool that can be used for any data structures in PeopleSoft (delivered or custom), or external systems using database links or file imports
  7. Leverage standard PeopleSoft technology: PeopleTools and Application Engine





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