Selective Adoption Fundamentals

Roger Dial

Adjusting PeopleSoft 9.2 Maintenance 

For more than two decades, PeopleSoft followed the industry standard for how to deliver new application functionality to customers. The periodic delivery of massive application upgrades which were difficult and costly to apply was a model which customers had no choice but to accept. Internally, IT Departments and Line of Business system owners took up battle positions over upgrade scheduling. IT, which controlled the resources, would hold out for as long as possible to avoid committing time and money to an arduous PeopleSoft upgrade while Business owners would track and monitor fixes and enhancements delivered in new releases to build a business case in their favor.

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BEAM Test 4.3 Released

Dan Maude

BEAM Test Supports Fluid UI and Tools 8.55


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PeopleTools 8.55 DPKs

Roger Dial


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Topics: PeopleSoft 9.2, Selective Adoption, PeopleTools 8.55

3 Challenges to Automated PeopleSoft Testing

Dan Maude

Top 3 Challenges to Automated PeopleSoft Testing

Many organizations have tried to automate their PeopleSoft testing over the years, because manual testing is very time consuming and expensive. Few have succeeded.

At most organizations, the story about automated PeopleSoft testing is simple: "It's too hard for users to maintain test scripts." 

There are three reasons this way of thinking has become common:

  1. Upgrades
  2. Lack of consistent process, procedures, and metrics
  3. Use of ill-suited test tools
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Topics: Selective Adoption, PeopleSoft 9.2 testing, Automated PeopleSoft Testing

4 Types of PeopleSoft Testing

Dan Maude

PeopleSoft Testing is a Challenge, and the Challenge is Changing

PeopleSoft testing has long been a challenge. Often the main reason organizations defer changes or updates to applications is testing concerns. But the model for change is flipped with the introduction of PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) in release 9.2. Rather than large, infrequent upgrades, the new model implies more frequent, smaller changes, delivered in the update image(s). 

This new "selective adoption" approach has many benefits, both for customers and Oracle, and this new delivery approach has implications for testing. (The delivery-bone's connected to the test-bone).  

PeopleSoft testing is a broad topic. There are several different and unique types of testing, each accomplishing different purposes and used at different times. This post outlines the four primary types of PeopleSoft testing, to help you look at each aspect of your testing capabilities, and assess these aspects in your organization.


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