BEAM Test 4.2 Released

Dan Maude

HP Integration and Cloud Availability for BEAM Test

FRAMINGHAM, MA – June, 2016 — Beacon today announced that BEAM Test release 4.2 is now available in general release, for new and existing customers.

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PeopleSoft Update Manager and PeopleSoft Testing

Dan Maude

Selective Adoption and PeopleSoft Testing

As a technology, the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) has proven to be solid and reliable for Financials and HCM, and is now also available with Campus Solutions. PUM does streamline the maintenance process, and makes it easier for customers to stay current, (or get current regardless of prior release levels). And, no more upgrades.

But PUM does not simply automate the old patch, bundle, maintenance pack update process. New functionality and features are co-mingled with traditional fixes and updates. Again, this delivery of new features has worked well from a technical perspective. Selective Adoption pick the features (and fixes) you want, when you want them – changes the application management process. Somebody from the business has to work with development and together decide what updates to include, and when. 

This requires an "attitude change" for most organizations, and probably more collaboration. Changes are smaller (than an upgrade), but more frequent. New images  there have been 17 for Financials in the last two and a half years – require a quicker pace, and may change roles in the supporting organization.

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6 Weeks to Automated PeopleSoft Testing

Dan Maude

Beacon Offers BEAM Test Bed Service for Test Deployment

As an new option for BEAM Test customers, Beacon now offers BEAM Test Bed, a pre-defined set of activities (per PeopleSoft pillar) to deploy automated testing for PeopleSoft. The service is an organized, proven means of creating a test bed that effectively tests a suite of PeopleSoft applications, which can be used as on-going assurance that changes introduced to the system are of high quality and reliable. 

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PeopleSoft Testing Fundamentals

Dan Maude


The move from PeopleSoft releases to PeopleSoft images has sparked renewed interest in and concerns about PeopleSoft testing. The move from testing within a formal (upgrade) project every three or four years to smaller, more frequent image updates implies new demands and opportunities for organizations to consider.

Consultants (guilty!) and vendors (guilty again!) have come up with a variety of PeopleSoft test kits and sample or pre-built scripts to accelerate and jump start the heck out of your testing efforts. This is not a new idea: Beacon and Rational Software released the SQA Test Foundation for PeopleSoft in 1997.

This post is not focused on the merits (or drawbacks) of these offerings. Rather, it is intended to give you some perspective regarding your PeopleSoft testing in terms of

  • What you want to test,
  • Why you want to test,
  • When you want to test, and
  • How you want to test.

Some of these points will be obvious, but taking a step back to look at the fundamentals of PeopleSoft testing is a good place to start any assessment. Testing can be resource intensive, so upfront consideration of process, people, and your current capabilities is warranted. 

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PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) vs BEAM Test

Dan Maude

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) and BEAM Test

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) and BEAM Test are two testing tools that were built specifically to work with PeopleSoft/PeopleTools. PTF is delivered with PeopleTools. BEAM Test, from Beacon Services, is the only third-party testing tool with Oracle Validation for PeopleSoft.

PTF and BEAM Test have some similarities. There are also some basic differences, in terms of architecture and processing. We will start with how the two products are similar, and then contrast some of the differences.

There are many other good automated testing tools. Few work well (or at all) with PeopleSoft applications, due to a lack of integration with the unique architecture and metadata of PeopleSoft tools and applications.

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PeopleSoft Test Components

Dan Maude

PeopleSoft Test Components

Completing a PeopleSoft test plan to support your test strategy requires you to define each test phase and the associated business processes and scripts that will be run during that phase. 

Here is a list of what you will need to define to complete your test plan and accomplish your testing:

  • Test scripts
  • Test cases
  • Test scenarios
  • Test data

While not a trivial undertaking, most companies have many of these pieces. This article will help flesh out and organize a more structured process.

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PeopleSoft Test Strategy and Plans

Dan Maude

PeopleSoft Test Strategy and Test Plans

Our last article  4 Types of PeopleSoft Testing  outlined the four primary types of PeopleSoft testing. This staged approach to PeopleSoft testing represents a solid testing methodology. This article reviews PeopleSoft test strategy and PeopleSoft test plans, documents to set and execute a formal PeopleSoft testing process.

A PeopleSoft test strategy will help you avoid ineffective testing. You do not want a system that has a level of defects unacceptable to your organization. A test strategy, once created, enables a common understanding of the system functionality and the performance requirements needed to meet your business objectives. The purpose and content of a PeopleSoft Test Strategy document, and a sample template to outline all recommended content, follows this introduction.

Since each type of testing has its own purpose and focus, PeopleSoft test plans are developed for each stage: Unit, System/Integration, Performance, and User Acceptance. These test plans support the test strategy, and define upfront all aspects of the tests to be performed. We will outline the purpose and requirements of solid test plans, and provide a sample template in this area as well.

Beacon has been implementing and upgrading PeopleSoft applications since 1992. Over the years, we have found it a great time saver to incorporate testing planning and strategy in the earliest stages of the overall project planning effort. 

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4 Types of PeopleSoft Testing

Dan Maude

PeopleSoft Testing is a Challenge, and the Challenge is Changing

PeopleSoft testing has long been a challenge. Often the main reason organizations defer changes or updates to applications is testing concerns. But the model for change is flipped with the introduction of PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) in release 9.2. Rather than large, infrequent upgrades, the new model implies more frequent, smaller changes, delivered in the update image(s). 

This new "selective adoption" approach has many benefits, both for customers and Oracle, and this new delivery approach has implications for testing. (The delivery-bone's connected to the test-bone).  

PeopleSoft testing is a broad topic. There are several different and unique types of testing, each accomplishing different purposes and used at different times. This post outlines the four primary types of PeopleSoft testing, to help you look at each aspect of your testing capabilities, and assess these aspects in your organization.


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New BEAM Test Customer: inVentive Health

Dan Maude

BEAM Test for PeopleSoft Licensed by inVentive Health

FRAMINGHAM, MA – February, 2015 — Beacon today announced that the inVentiv Health, Burlington, MA., has licensed BEAM Test for PeopleSoft. nVentiv Health is a top-tier professional services organization that accelerates the clinical and commercial success of biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. inVentive has 13,000 employees providing services to clients in 70 countries.

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Beacon Ships BEAM Test 4 Beta for PeopleSoft Testing

Dan Maude


Last month Beacon shipped a beta version of BEAM Test 4. This new version brings the underlying technology up-to-date, improves performance, and updates the user interface for ease-of-use, while preserving compatibility with existing customer scripts and other test assets. 

This beta installation of the upgrade has gone well to-date. Ongoing testing of features and functions is still underway. (A very BIG THANKS to the team at BYU working with us on this beta process.) 

A March time frame looks likely for general availability for new and existing customers.


What's in Release 4:

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