Oracle Releases PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

Posted by Dan Maude on Feb 16, 2017 12:23:39 PM

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Available for Oracle Compute Cloud

opc.jpgLast night Oracle announced the new PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. It is available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager – An Overview

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager provides a framework for customers to provision and administer the life cycle of PeopleSoft environments on Oracle Cloud. Cloud Manager brings in the agility to rapidly bring up PeopleSoft environments on demand,based on your infrastructure requirements.

Features of Cloud Manager

  • Provision PeopleSoft environments on Oracle Compute Cloud and Oracle Database Cloud Services

  • Orchestrated deployment of PeopleSoft 9.2 Applications on Oracle Cloud.

  • Subscription model to auto download application PIs and PRPs.

  • Automated migration of on-premise environment to Oracle Cloud.

  • Create repeatable deployment templates.

  • Self service provisioning of PeopleSoft environments.

  • Fully automated deployment which is immune to manual errors and process delays.

  • Manage multiple environments from a single page.

  • Perform on-demand health checks on environments.

  • Enable application lifecycle management in Oracle Cloud.

  • Clone environments by creating templates from running instances.

  • Access to log files through UI for easy troubleshooting.

Best of Breed Clouds?

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is not part of PeopleTools, or the applications. It is an Oracle Marketplace application, available at no charge to customers who run PeopleSoft 9.2, and have a Oracle Cloud Compute account. 

PeopleSoft Enterprise doesn't much care where it runs. No other enterprise application software is as flexible, in terms of choice of database, operating systems, and infrastructure. PeopleSoft can be run on-premises, hosted, or deployed on a variety of the public clouds.

While PeopleSoft software doesn't much care where it is deployed, it has a "unique" architecture that enables that flexibility. PeopleSoft developers and administrators, however, care a lot about how and where PeopleSoft is deployed into a particular infrastructure. 

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, along with PeopleTools 8.55 and 9.2 applications, is meant to completely automate the management and maintenance of PeopleSoft applications on the Oracle Cloud. It's not magic - it's mostly Python scripts - and since Oracle already deploys PeopleSoft images on its cloud, and the database too, if you run Oracle, nearly all manual tasks can be automated, in terms of keeping the software up-to-date. Cloud Manager, in fact let's you subscribe to MOS, including images, patches, and tools upgrades. And with the scripts in Python, customers can see and adjust the automated scripts as necessary. 

Is Oracle Compute Cloud the best public cloud? Most people would not claim that it is. However, this new, highly automated process orchestrated by the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager may make OCC a better solution for running PeopleSoft than the alternatives. Oracle Cloud has a PeopleSoft-specific approach, which can considerably reduce the effort of managing PeopleSoft environments, while still offering the provisioning benefits of public clouds. 




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