New in PeopleTools 8.55: Log Analyzer for Application Engine

Posted by Roger Dial on Dec 16, 2016 2:34:00 PM

New GUI tool in 8.55 to Analyze App Engine Programs

Appengine.pngIn release 8.55, the PeopleTools development team has finally included a GUI tool to read and format Application Engine trace files for both SQL and PeopleCode tracing. The new tool, Log Analyzer for Application Engine, provides developers and support specialists with a simplified view of the program flow and call structure, plus the associated SQL and PeopleCode for each Step.

The tool is executed by launching %PS_HOME%\bin\client\winx86\AELogAnalyzerTool\ runTraceAnalyzer.bat and can load both the SQL and PeopleCode trace output files, but the SQL trace is always required, and the PeopleCode trace is optional. For the SQL trace (*.AET output file), a minimum trace setting of 3 (-TRACE 3) must be specified and for PeopleCode tracing a minimum setting of 64 (-TOOLSTRACEPC 64) must be used. The Log Analyzer can then open the *.AET SQL file and optionally load the associated *.trc PeopleCode file to display the program flow and associated SQL statements and PeopleCode executed by each Step in the program.

The tool also provides multiple options to filter the display to further refine the search for problematic code including statement type, execution time, and rows affected for SQL and specific text for both SQL and PeopleCode.

App Engine gui.jpg


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