Services and Software for PeopleSoft Customers

Beacon Application Services Corporation, an Oracle Platinum Partner, is a leading integrator of PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications and a provider of change management software tools for PeopleSoft applications and environments. Our deep expertise in PeopleSoft Financials and HCM, combined with our advanced automated tools for managing PeopleSoft technologies and applications, give us unique capabilities. And we work hard (and smart), always with your interests in mind. Our commitment to customer success is a decades long tradition.


PeopleSoft Consulting Services

Beacon offers implementation, upgrade, managed application, analytics and enhancement services for the following PeopleSoft applications: Human Capital Management, Enterprise Financial Management, Enterprise Performance Management and Supply Chain Management. Our services are delivered by certified consultants with extensive business and software expertise.


PeopleSoft Application Management Software

Beacon Enterprise Application Manager

Beacon’s Enterprise Application Manager (BEAM) is the Beacon software platform designed to extend and enhance PeopleTools to help Oracle customers reduce the effort and cost of maintaining their PeopleSoft Enterprise applications.

BEAM Change, designed specifically for PeopleSoft, automates the change management process allowing you to more easily record, track, and manage changes to your applications. Change provides PeopleSoft version control and object management, rollbacks, standardized migration workflows, and complete audit trails and approvals.

BEAM Test provides advanced testing capabilities for all PeopleSoft applications to increase the breadth and efficiency of testing, allowing you to build and re-use environment-independent test scripts. PeopleSoft metadata Integration facilitates script maintenance by identifying the impact of changes on scripts.

BEAM Compare is the first tool to provide the ability to compare and/or validate PeopleSoft data, configurations, and objects across environments. Compare jobs are a powerful way to manage environments and to validate structures and data between environments, especially during upgrades. BEAM Compare is available as a standalone product, with BEAM Test to provide additional data validation capabilities, or with BEAM Change to provide comprehensive change management across both data and objects.