PeopleSoft Update and Optimize

PeopleSoft Updates and Optimization

Too many implementations and upgrades are performed by technicians who don’t focus on the value of your new systems from a business process perspective.

As your PeopleSoft consulting partner, Beacon believes that your system should be the foundation for— not the end of—deploying solutions that optimize decision-making capabilities.

Unfortunately, for many organizations, focus on growing with the system and enhancing the value of their initial investment gets little to no attention. If you are among those who left the higher value add-ons of the implementation to a later date that never came, then you should investigate Beacon’s PeopleSoft Optimization services.


  • Optimize operations to capitalize on the power of PeopleSoft application data – Rethink the ways you may have replicated the old way of doing things in the new system.
  • Implement portal-based solutions that promote organizational collaboration and information sharing.
  • Increase system performance and load balancing for efficiencies – Guarantee you make your batch windows.
  • Enhance security controls for Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS – Evaluate existing practices and compliance with regulatory requirements to reduce your business exposure.
  • Implement workflow and imaging to reduce manual efforts – Increase approval delivery both on the desktop and mobile devices for expedited transaction processing.
  • Evolve your system through adoption of new features to increase business capabilities – do not let your system become stagnant but rather help it to grow with the changing needs of your organization.
  • Improve productivity by introducing self service applications – Have the owner of the transaction subsume the work of that transaction to reduce non-value added effort.