BEAM Change 5.2 Released

Posted by Dan Maude on Dec 21, 2015 11:28:47 AM

PeopleSoft Change Management Tool BEAM Change 5.2 Released

BEAMCHANGE PUZZLE Logo.pngBEAM Change release 5.2 is now available in general release, for new and existing customers. BEAM Change is a complete and comprehensive PeopleSoft application change management tool. 

BEAM Change is an Oracle Validated application for PeopleSoft.


What's new in BEAM Change 5.2?

BEAM Change 5.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • PeopleTools integration up to PeopleTools Version 8.54 metadata
  • BEAMSYS, a PeopleTools based back end database replaces the Sharepoint based ‘Control’ for all web based functionality, such as the Change job approvals and overall reporting
  • Service Request tracking
  • Job archiving functionality
  • Deliver a functioning BEAM Change command line executable – BEAMShell.exe, allowing for job execution inside and outside of Change UI, which in turn allows for the job scheduling features.
  • Allows for a BEAM Job calling and execute another Job(s) by using BEAMShell.exe as a command line step in a Migration Path.
  • New Migration Path Step tool named SCHEDULE, which places Job migration flow execution  in a ‘pause’,  allowing for external schedule of remaining steps of a Job.
  • New BEAM Change logging feature using NLOG -  different placement of log files associated to the user (C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\Appdata\Roaming\Beacon Application Services\...)
  • Certified Change 5.2 Client install on Windows 2012 R2

Additionally, Beacon now packages BEAM Data Manager with BEAM Change. BEAM Change customers will receive browser-based compare functionality for PeopleCode and SQL objects. Access to additional data compare functionality requires a separate Data Manager license fee.

Beacon is currently offering BEAM Change with no up-front license fee. New customers pay an annual maintenance fee, and training.


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