BEAM is installed in a separate PTSYS environment, connected to your PIA. No BEAM code in any of your environments. None. Zero.

BEAM Data Manager Architecture: A Zero Footprint Design.

No footprint in BEAM Data Manager

BEAM Data Manager is developed in PeopleTools and delivered as a standard PeopleSoft project. An important design objective was to have BEAM Data Manager do its work in its own PeopleTools environment. It is installed into a separate PTSYS environment, an instance that contains just PeopleTools and BEAM.

Why a separate environment?

  • Separation (or segregation) of duties. We have no code in any of your PeopleSoft environments, reducing the possibility of errors.
  • Governance. Assess, monitor, manage, maintain and compare data using standard PeopleSoft technology, but isolated from processing and development environments.
  • Ease of use. You can choose any environments to be source or targets. Simple prompts drive comparisons.
  • No impact on updates, images, and upgrades.

Our Zero Footprint design respects (and protects) your data

PeopleSoft instances are isolated from one another. They are instance bound. This is actually the “feature” of PeopleSoft BEAM Data Manager is designed to overcome. Beacon has used this feature to isolate our work and data from yours. You can simply and very quickly compare data and its structures across all your separate environments, from the BEAM environment.

Our code is separate, and our processing is separate. BEAM jobs run in the BEAM environment, and all data, results, and logs are maintained in the BEAM environment.

Zero footprint. We help you compare, manage and diagnose all your PeopleSoft environments, while having absolutely zero effect in any of them. We leverage your PeopleSoft infrastructure to help you manage your PeopleSoft infrastructure.