BEAM – Beacon Enterprise Application Manager for PeopleSoft

BEAM for PeopleSoft

Coping with the pace of change . . . is the single biggest challenge for PeopleSoft customers.”
Source: IDC


BEAM – Tools for Managing and Testing PeopleSoft

Managing data in PeopleSoft manually

The challenge for PeopleSoft Enterprise customers is to keep up with the continuous flow of changes to their systems. Whether applying patches and fixes, tax updates, new images, or configuring regulatory changes and business process improvements, PeopleSoft applications constantly change.

Effective application management is achieved through:

  • Simplification
  • Standardization
  • Communication
  • Automation

Organizations have generally embraced these principles within their application business processes. However, the processes needed to manage changes to these applications are challenging, time consuming, and expensive. PeopleTools was designed to build and run applications not manage them, especially across instances. And a lack of automation in key areas precludes effective change management.

BEAM tools help organizations deal with changein the following ways:

  • Simplify the troubleshooting, testing, and verification of changes to PeopleSoft applications.
  • Standardize data comparisons and verifications, and testing using common tools.
  • Communicate (and be able to share) test results, comparison results, and differences.
  • Automate by leveraging tools to enable people to focus on the important tasks.

With BEAM for PeopleSoft, Beacon offers a comprehensive solution for PeopleSoft application management. BEAM tools help both technical and business users control and maintain PeopleSoft applications. BEAM helps automate, standardize, and simplify change management tasks, supporting PeopleSoft teams as they analyze, change, verify, test, and deploy changes across PeopleSoft environments.

Oracle Validated Application fro PeopleSoftAll BEAM products are Oracle Validated applications for PeopleSoft through release 9.2.


BEAM Change provides “traditional” application change management functions.

  • Project migration workflows
  • Enforcement of separation of duties
  • Approvals, audit, and compliance requirements
  • Version control, snapshots, and rollbacks
  • Tickets/service requests

BEAM Compare compares PeopleSoft data and metadata, across environments. Data Compare enables fast, precise, and granular examinations of PeopleSoft data and data structures, including PeopleCode and SQL objects, across environments, releases, and applications.

  • Identifies issues by finding differences through comparing data and metadata between environments. (Compare a component, or application engine programs, between DEV and TEST.)
  • Any database can be source or target. (Compare department tables in FIN to department tables in HCM.)
  • Verify changes after migrations, Data Mover scripts, or other changes. (Verify data and structures are complete and correct before formal testing.)
  • Compare PeopleCode and SQL, in minutes. (Browser find and compare.)
  • Verify permission lists, trees, and security objects across multiple environments.

BEAM Test provides automated testing capabilities for all PeopleSoft applications to increase the breadth and efficiency of testing, allowing you to build and reuse environment-independent test scripts. PeopleSoft metadata integration facilitates script maintenance by identifying the impact of changes on scripts.

  • Patented metadata integration allows for easier test script maintenance and execution.
  • Test Data Sheets can accept data from Microsoft Excel and SQL queries.
  • Select testing environment, "make active” with single mouse click.
  • Data files, tests, and application environment contexts built and stored separately for use at test run time.
  • Produces test and business process documentation, in addition to standard test pass/fail results.BEAM Test Demo Request


BEAM for PeopleSoft


BEAM is a suite of software tools designed exclusively for Oracle customers to help support their PeopleSoft Enterprise applications by automating the end-to-end process of managing and tracking updates to the system— from troubleshooting through change, verification, test, and deployment.

BEAM tools support all PeopleSoft applications built in PeopleTools: FSCM, HCM, Campus Solutions, and CRM.

All BEAM products have a “Zero-Footprint” design. No BEAM code or job results are stored or contained in any customer environments.

BEAM Change and BEAM Test support PeopleSoft applications running on Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 databases.

BEAM Data supports PeopleSoft applications running on Oracle and SQL Server databases.

All BEAM tools have been Oracle Validated for PeopleSoft releases 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2.

Beacon and Newmerix

In late 2009, Beacon acquired a majority of the assets of Newmerix Corporation, including the Newmerix Automate!Suite of products designed to manage the entire lifecycle of change across PeopleSoft application environments. BEAM Test and BEAM Change are enhanced versions of the acquired and proven products. (Automate!Test and Automate!Change).