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Beacon Enterprise Application Manager

“Coping with the pace of change, in the face of this (ERP) complexity, is the single biggest challenge for PeopleSoft customers.”
Source: IDC

The most common challenge for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise customers is the struggle to keep up with the continuous flow of changes to their systems – from patches and upgrades to tax updates, regulatory changes and business process improvements. Unlike other third-party application change management solutions, which focus primarily on version control, object management and project migration workflows, BEAM offers a comprehensive solution to PeopleSoft change management, handling the traditional object management functions but also providing automated testing for PeopleSoft and a unique Compare module, which can compare any data in Peoplesoft tables, across environments.


Software for PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications


BEAM (Beacon Enterprise Application Manager) is a suite of software designed exclusively for Oracle customers to help support their PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications by automating the end-to-end process of tracking updates to the system, through change, test and troubleshooting.  The suite consists of BEAM Change, BEAM Compare, and BEAM Test.

BEAM - Beacon Enterprise Application Manager

We use BEAM as the name of  the product family, but BEAM is also a sophisticated software platform designed specifically to manage PeopleSoft applications. The BEAM platform was designed as an extension to PeopleTools. BEAM is delivered to customers as a PeopleSoft project, which is installed into an empty PT.SYS environment connected to the customer PeopleSoft architecture. This “three-tiered” architecture has a number of advantages to customers, providing a complete separation of duties structurally, and isolating the application management from all customer environments. BEAM has no footprint in any customer environment; its rules and definitions, as well as the results of all jobs, audit trails, logs and traces are stored in the dedicated BEAM.SYS environment. Everything is in one place, and the BEAM.SYS environment, using DBLinks, connects to all other defined PeopleSoft environments for various application management functions.

  • The BEAM database can be located on any server, using DBLinks to talk to others
  • There is NO footprint on the customer PeopleSoft databases
  • All BEAM definitions, as well as all output, is stored centrally in the dedicated BEAM database
  • Any number and combination of servers, platforms, application releases and databases is possible
  • BEAM 2 supports SQL Server and Oracle databases (DB2 is planned)

Having BEAM in a dedicated PT.SYS environment means that developers are using PeopleTools pages and navigation. BEAM runs as any other PeopleSoft “application”. However, merely defining a change management tool into PeopleTools isn’t enough to truly manage your environments. So, using standard Peoplesoft conventions, we have added additional commands and capabilities to BEAM, for example %Compare meta-sql and %SourceDb meta-sql. These and other BEAM commands run on top of PeopleTools and are executed in the BEAM environment, connected to all your other PeopleSoft environments. In other words, the BEAM environment is a superset of functionality, combining all PeopleTools functions with BEAM extensions and jobs designed to provide true application management capabilities.

BEAM Change

BEAM Change, designed specifically for PeopleSoft, automates the change management process allowing you to more easily record, track, and manage changes to your applications. Change provides PeopleSoft version control and object management, rollbacks, standardized migration workflows, and complete audit trails and approvals.


BEAM Test provides advanced testing capabilities for all PeopleSoft applications to increase the breadth and efficiency of testing, allowing you to build and re-use environment-independent test scripts. PeopleSoft metadata Integration facilitates script maintenance by identifying the impact of changes on scripts.

BEAM Compare

BEAM Compare is the first tool to provide the ability to compare and/or validate PeopleSoft data, configurations, and objects across environments. Compare jobs are a powerful way to manage environments and to validate structures and data between environments, especially during upgrades. BEAM Compare is available as a standalone product, with BEAM Test to provide additional data validation capabilities, or with BEAM Change to provide comprehensive change management across both data and objects.


(Beacon and Newmerix)

In 2009,Beacon acquired a majority of the assets of Newmerix Corporation, including the Newmerix Automate!Suite of products designed to manage the entire lifecycle of change across PeopleSoft application environments. BEAM Test and BEAM Change are enhanced versions of the proven products we acquired.